Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sabbat - Mion's Hill (6:06-ish)

This was on, what, their first 7" and it's one of the best song's that they've ever done. It has this real nice acoustic bit at the start and then it's straight to the headbanging (0:27). It's pretty pagan but it still sounds really evil, even more evil than Mercyful Fate! Even more than Nunslaughter and this is Nunslaughter I'm talking about. It's also got my favourite solos of any evil metal song and there's about three or four of 'em.

Imagine a scene in a junkyard, fires all around. The camera pans past the band thrashing away vocalist with painted face writhing and gurning and waving a staff inter-cut with footage of a recreation of a ritual. During the solos there is fire breathing. That is what this song sounds like.

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