Thursday, November 7, 2013

Songs Of Praise (Of Heavy Metal)#4 - Metalucifer, Heavy Metal Hunter (part 2) (5:02-ish)

Or nearly every Metalucifer song ever. They push their metal praise to an even higher plane by loading the song with references to hundreds of other bands, this song is literally band names with some other words in between which is super sweet. They are still HUNTING for METAL despite being nothing but metal, tireless soldiers who should by all right be generals in the army of metal by now. Also I totally learned that there is actually a band named FACT that is four degrees away from Gamma Ray. You've gotta hear the guitars in this because it's thoroughly honest.

Songs Of Praise (Of Heavy Metal)#3 - Manowar, All Men Play On 10 (4:01-ish)

This is totally an anti-straights song because man, fuck those guys. Eric Adams ain't gonna listen to no suits and Manowar is just gonna just keep livin' heavy metal and fuck any skinny tied jaggoff who rolls their eyes and scoffs. Just who's band is still shaking the earth? Exactly.

Fucking Manowar man, they were always generals and not soldiers. When you give your life to metal you can't do it by halves. Get up there, burn some ears, blast the fuck outta that bass pedal, scream like a man trapped in a vice and just kill everything with power chords. You can't be in one of those shit licker bands who's just joking about, not if you want to kill with power brother.

Metal for life.

Songs Of Praise (Of Heavy Metal)#2 - Steel Assassin, Heavy Metal Soldiers (4:58-ish)

Steel Assassin is an awesome name for a band and with a name like that you damn well better be packing a song about heavy fucking metal. Metal soldiers who claw their way out from hell to kill the false and enslave the unenlightened with reverb and burning lead.

They're feeding off metal and tungsten steel
Eating iron bridges for fun
Flying in their metal atomic cars
Their power chords will darken the sun

Bad. Arse. Appearing on a demo there is no such thing as production so it sounds like it's just been unearthed which adds an extra dimension to the song.

Songs Of Praise (Of Heavy Metal)#1 - Cianide, Metal Never Bends (2:19-ish)

Heavy metal rules period and is worth worshipping because it is the highest power in many people's lives. It will never die as long as there are bands that scream of steel. Cianide come across like a hammer beating and they love metal which is the perfect mix for a hymn to power chords and demolishing a six pack whilst swinging an axe bladed or stringed.

Destroying the trends
Killing the false ones dead
Headbanging 'til the end


You're damn right it doesn't. Dependable Cianide, as strong as the metal they hail.

Trouble - Assassin (3:13-ish)

Trouble dig God and that is swell. This song ain't about God though it's about dudes that kill and is total speed metal overload but not quite as fast as the bullet that ends your world or the killer guitar tone that does your neck in. It's amusing to hear a whine like Eric Wagner's because it ain't intimidating in the least so hitmen the world around can sleep soundly in their beds tonight.