Thursday, November 7, 2013

Songs Of Praise (Of Heavy Metal)#3 - Manowar, All Men Play On 10 (4:01-ish)

This is totally an anti-straights song because man, fuck those guys. Eric Adams ain't gonna listen to no suits and Manowar is just gonna just keep livin' heavy metal and fuck any skinny tied jaggoff who rolls their eyes and scoffs. Just who's band is still shaking the earth? Exactly.

Fucking Manowar man, they were always generals and not soldiers. When you give your life to metal you can't do it by halves. Get up there, burn some ears, blast the fuck outta that bass pedal, scream like a man trapped in a vice and just kill everything with power chords. You can't be in one of those shit licker bands who's just joking about, not if you want to kill with power brother.

Metal for life.

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