Monday, November 21, 2011

Exorcist - Black Mass (4:16-ish)

SATAN'S FREE! WHOAH-OH-A-OH! It's really just Virgin Steele but light years cooler. Campy and theatrical but it melts your face off with blazing hot speed metal. Ominous start and some creepy shit about shit (0:24) and then it's SPEED METAL (0:52). (1:05) A short lead here and then some singing or growling or whatever (1:09) and then BLACK MASS! SATAN'S FREE! (1:32). Great bit to yell at grannies feeding birds at the park when you rock on by listening to your Walkman. Oh that shows me age. (1:43) More singing now, Dave's got a great voice on this. Oh I mean Damien Rath *wink*. Then it's BLACK MASS! (2:04) and a solo (2:35). (3:10) BLACK MASS! Okay, I'll stop. Now it's time for the final solo (3:46) then BL-- PSYCH!

Yeah, I really dig this.

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