Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thor - Rock the City (4:10-ish)

Thor bends steel bars in his teeth and blows up hot water bottles until they explode and then he goes and rocks the city with his muscle rock. There's a nice riff going through this and a smooth groove, like they're taking it easy like. (0:12) Vocals come in, listening to John Mikl Thor's voice could make you think that he could be your friend, a friend in rock and roll. There's not a really impressive solo here (1:41-2:06) but it's not offensive by any means and it's the right length. (2:19-2:31) Here is where the beat varies to keep it fresh and the final chorus (3:29) which repeats until the song ends.

We are all rock warriors but there is one that rocks ahead of us.

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