Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gotham City - Battle Blade @ 33 ⅓ (6:07-ish)

Something a bit different today. You've got to slow this down just to hear how funeral it sounds. Raise the pitch a little if the vocals don't do it for you. What's best to use? I don't know, use Audacity or something. This makes it the best song off of The Unknown because it's the only one that works when slowed down.

Massive riff at the start. (0:59) Vocals come in and boy they sound funny at such a slow speed but I like 'em anyway. (2:12) Really mournful lead and then more of those vocals (2:20). (3:00-3:06) Short lead here. (3:3:53) This is where the beat changes and the solo starts (4:06) which is a very good solo. (2:56) Last vocals here, if this was at the original speed it's well fast and the part of the song that I like the most 'cause it's great to sing along to.

I think I'll write about more songs slowed down because it makes them heavier. Amusingly, if you raise the pitch high enough it starts to sound like Cirith Ungol. Awesome.

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