Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Judas Priest - Ram It Down (4:49-ish)

It's a far cry from the best Priest album and definitely not the best song on there (hello Blood Red Skies and Monsters Of Rock). I can have some pretty terrible taste in music sometimes. It's well played at least and starts so promisingly with a scream from Rob. (0:21) First lead here and it's into the singing (0:32). The bridge (0:45) is typical Priest ridiculousness; thousands of cars and a million guitars... that's a lot of cars and a pretty huge army of rock. I could believe Queen pulling those numbers but not Priest. (1:20) Another lead here and the bridge and chorus again (1:39), time to rage metal maniacs. (1:48) A  minute lead here, during the chorus and one of Rob's screams here (2:09). (2:21) Here you get two lines which are supposed to be unifying but it comes off as a bit fake but what do you expect when the album you did before was Turbo. Painkiller wasn't on the horizon just yet. At least the minute and twenty one of solos (2:36-3:57) which end in another scream are good. (4:03) The last bridge and chorus with little (4:29 ) leads (4:35) added in there and it ends with a dual-tracked (4:43) scream which always leaves me puzzled how any band can pull it off live.

I've been a bit negative. Maybe I should've wrote about Victim Of Changes instead.

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