Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nasty Savage - Metal Knights (2:42-ish)

Nasty Savage were fucking cool. Metal Knights may be a silly song but that just makes it a riot to thrash out to. It's about killing posers, don't start hating on songs about killing posers. It starts out with the riff that dominates the song and it's not long before Nasty Ronnie starts his crazed performance (0:10). I could listen to him all day. If you haven't heard Ronnie sing you could compare him to King Diamond but that's not really all that accurate. Tough luck if you haven't heard King either because that's all I got. (0:20) Chorus, where we are told that the metal knights live on and all of the posers will die. (0:44) More vocals and the chorus repeated (0:55) and then it's into a totally shredding solo (1:06). But that's not enough, they hit us with another one (1:26) and then one more if we didn't get the message the first two times (1:38). Boy they're just outta control, thrash! (1:48) Oh it's over, I was totally absorbed. (1:58) This is where you can expect the last verse and the final chorus (2:08). It was a blur while it lasted.

Wage of mayhem.

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